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How it works

For each ranking, you will receive two options. You must then compare decide which of the pair is the best. Based on your decision, the rating of the winner will increase, and that of the loser will decrease. The leader board displays the rating of each character in order from best to worst. You will receive an endless number of new pairs to compare.

To get started, navigate to a series above, or head to the bottom of the page for a list of new and randomly selected rankings.

Under the hood

The rankings are based on the Elo Rating System, as used by chess players to rank their skill level. However, unlike in a chess game, here the winner and loser of each game are chosen by the audience. Following each comparison and decision you make, the winner gains rating and the loser loses an equal amount of rating. If the result is surprising, such as if a very low rated character wins over a highly rated character, the change in rating is much larger. The result is that in a comparison between a character with 1400 rating and 1000 rating, the character with 1400 is estimated to be picked 10 times more frequently.